Diagnostics and Real Time QC

DigiMEP alerts technicians as to what needs to be repaired while on site, taking the guess work out of the job.

We are providing the first full digital cloud based process workflow for site surveying, labor performance management, and optimization with enterprise wide building and equipment monitoring, maintenance, and management.

  • Up to 100% of call backs avoided
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  • Leading edge technology
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What is DigiMEP?

DigiMEP is an all inclusive and mobile software for Building Owners, Service Providers, and Technicians alike. DigiMEP provides a cloud database to collect asset surveys in real-time, run diagnostics with live quality assurance, a fully digital and custom standardization of your planned maintenance checklist, and result tracking with remote optimization capabilities.

What tools are required as a companion to the DigiMEP app?

You'll need the following tools: humidity and temperature meter, digital multimeter with temperature capabilities, a temperature probe, and a pipe clamp thermocouple.

What is the difference between Preventative, Planned, and Predictive Maintenance?

Most companies perform preventative maintenance visits where technicians are sent out with no idea about the repairs that will be needed or the cost associated with the work found on the visit. With DigiMEP, you will be able to gather data from the first couple visits to determine trends that will allow you to schedule planned maintenance visits that will have pre determined repairs to be completed including the cost associated with it. From there, you will work toward completing as much predictive maintenance as possible where all available data is utilized in addition to geographical locations and weather conditions to address potential issues before they even happen.

Optimize HVAC Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Get the most out of your HVAC assets and operating costs by standardizing technician methods and maintenance of your HVAC units.

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