DigiMEP scientifically validates the accuracy of HVAC repairs in Real Time

We offer a complete end to end digital experience, resulting in the standardization and optimization of your HVAC service.

Clients leveraging Big Data generated through DigiMEP

Real Time HVAC Diagnostics, Repair Accuracy, Efficiency, Support, and Analytics

DigiMEP is shifting the HVAC marketplace from dated analog processes for installation, service, preventative and planned maintenance to digital/intelligent solutions, allowing for the only platform in the world that QCs the work as it is performed. Zero call-back is now in reach!

How it Works
Optical Character Recognition

Eliminate manual data entry with our state of the art technology which translates the HVAC unit name plate digitally with a click of a photo so technicians never have to input asset data again saving time, money, and data integrity.

HVAC Diagnostics

Based on technician inputs, DigiMEP standardizes technician methods by providing real time diagnostics, alerting the technician as to what needs to be repaired, optimizing efficiencies, speed, and accuracy by providing digital support of every HVAC diagnosis.

Real Time Quality Assurance

After the technician completes the necessary HVAC repairs, diagnostics alert the technician to quality completion. The cycle is repeated until the HVAC diagnostics show the unit has "passed" inspection and confirms no further repairs are required. Call backs for incomplete repairs or improper tech methods are eliminated.

HVAC Analytics

Streamline your HVAC asset management and get the insights you need to make better business decisions with customized reporting and analytics. All work performed with DigiMEP is fully automated, auditable, verifiable, traceable, managed, and archived. DigiMEP helps to right size HVAC maintenance and continuously improve technician methods necessary to support facilities.

Minimizing HVAC Risk

With real time data from your HVAC system, DigiMEP diagnoses system faults with performance-based HVAC diagnostics, eliminating call backs, saving you time and money.


Build a performance database available for future services.


Diagnostics and Support

Provides testing and diagnostics for symptoms present in HVAC and state-of-the-art BAS systems.


Cloud Based

Access your HVAC asset data anywhere, anytime.

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Break free of HVAC return trips

DigiMEP makes it simple to know when the HVAC repair is complete. Data driven analytics ensure the accuracy of repairs, while increasing efficiency on the job.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Understanding and controlling common indoor pollutants can help reduce the risk of occupant health concerns. Check out our sister company, Cln2Grn, to learn about how we monitor and control indoor air quality in real time.

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Optimize HVAC Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Get the most out of your HVAC assets and operating costs by standardizing technician methods and maintenance of your HVAC units.

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