Standardize your HVAC tech methods and achieve optimal results

HVAC Industry Trends

Demand for HVAC technicians is increasing, but the labor pool of experienced and skilled technicians continues to shrink. 62% of HVAC companies already report a shortage. DigiMEP levels the playing field for new and experienced technicians, allowing anyone to get quality results.

Optical Character Recognition

Photos translate HVAC unit name place data directly into a reportable database, all the technician has to do is take a photo.

Comprehensive Planned Maintenance

Real-time health checks on every planned HVAC visit, flagging issues for you to address

Real-Time HVAC Diagnostics

DigiMEP's algorithms flag HVAC system issues and faults, allowing for validation of systems such as HVAC refrigerant without ever connecting gauges.

Asset Tracking

Put valuable information at your fingertips with customized surveys. Developed based on what you want to know about your HVAC equipment.

Detailed Analytics

The technician gathers the HVAC data, DigiMEP handles the rest. Personalized features including HVAC system performance, asset data, and conditions give the client actionable insights

HVAC Optimization

Enable end-to-end digital work flow of every touch point required through DigiMEP's optimization process

Quality Assurance

Create efficiencies and accountability at the technician level by leveraging digit alerts that ensure all HVAC repairs are completed on site

HVAC Service Standardization

Standardize the work and data collection on site no matter the location. Surveys are fully customized for your company.

"Ability to offer real-time, digital solutions is critical for fast decisions and business planning. Having organized site & asset data with equipment condition status at your fingertips is extremely useful in predicting capital and expense related repairs. I've experienced the positive benefit that DigiMEP can have both on the user and service provider."

Keith Jackson

Former Facilities Director

The DigiMEP Process

A standardized digital end to end process controls efficiencies in any HVAC or BAS system.

Data Entry and Survey

DigiMEP is HVAC Maintenance Software and a mobile app that can be used on a tablet or phone. It is a fully curated and organized step-by-step system that tells the technician when to take a photo, when to take a measurement or when to confirm a status. Once complete, the report is autogenerated and emailed to you in real time.

Real Time Diagnostics and QC

DigiMEP uses data to diagnose faults. When a fault is remediated, the readings are taken, and the pass/fail results are reported back to the technician in seconds. All readings are measured against the HVAC performance criteria in DigiMEP. If a remediation attempt fails, the fault is re-diagnosed until it passes.

Post Site HVAC Analytics

The survey results and HVAC unit data are conveniently captured in a customizable, interactive report on DigiMEP's client dashboard.

DigiMEP offers full customer support to assist in creating customized HVAC surveys, as well as the development of technician training guides, KPI's, and analysis of results. IofTeam's team of experts has installed and supported large scale projects and has provided data driven solutions that have significantly reduced the cost of ownership for large fleets of HVAC assets.

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Dedicated Support

DigiMEP's Program Management Team assists with everything you need to launch a successful implementation of the system

Benefits for the HVAC Technician

The HVAC diagnostics process helps standardize technician troubleshooting across all sites and different equipment. Real-time quality assurance provides the technician digital back up, building confidence in the service performed.

Benefits for the HVAC Service Provider

Smart technology should be simple to use. DigiMEP enables experience and inexperienced HVAC technicians through diagnostics, and reduces up to 100% of repeat call backs per unit.

Benefits for the Asset Owner

Accuracy and speed of repairs reduces reactive HVAC service visits and business distractions; enabling the validation of every dollar spent on service and maintenance. DigiMEP is the only system in the world that provides quality assurance on every single ticket to be paid before the invoice is submitted.

Program Management

DigiMEP offers full client support to assist in creating customized HVAC surveys, as well as the development of technician training guides, KPI's, and analysis of results


Can DigiMEP run HVAC diagnostics to determine what needs to be repaired on a unit?

Yes. IOFteam has developed DigiMEP's algorithms to require data entry and to produce real time diagnostics to the technician. Once recommended repairs are completed, the diagnostics can be run again to ensure the unit passes formula driven QC and no remaining repairs are required.

I'm a retailer with a large fleet of stores, how can DigiMEP help me?

DigiMEP provides compiled asset surveys that are valuable in understanding all aspects of your fleet of equipment to develop planned maintenance programs to best suit your needs. The HVAC diagnostic information allows the technicians to perform their work effectively while ensuring every single ticket is automatically QC'd by scientific formulas with photos and database support to confirm issues are accurately resolved.

How much does DigiMEP cost?

DigiMEP can be customized based on the specific requirements of each client and varies in cost.

What kind of analytics can I expect to receive as data gathered in the field?

All data points and diagnostics data entered into DigiMEP are accessible at the site level for reporting across large portfolios. Our API functionality can be fully integrated into 3rd party work order or asset management platforms.

Optimize HVAC Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Get the most out of your HVAC assets and operating costs by standardizing technician methods and maintenance of your HVAC units.

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