DigiMEP is Developed by Engineers

Experts with over 250 years of combined experience

We are providing the first fully digital cloud based workflow for HVAC site surveying, labor performance management, and optimization with enterprise-wide building and HVAC asset monitoring, maintenance, and management.

"You cannot optimize if you don't standardize."

Patrick Davis

Managing Partner at Internet of Team

Our Vision

Our Team has deployed some of the industry's largest IOT projects in the world. We understand the industry's need for an established process and methodology that ensures on-site building integration is done both efficiently and accurately to client expectations. Our cloud based processes and tools provide clients the visibility and insurance that their buildings perform to the highest industry standards.

Our Mission

We are a team of Master Systems Integrators capable of operating from the device layer up to a building management systems software. We posses extensive experience connecting field devices to cloud computing platforms for all information output functions and reporting. We take responsibility to ensure secure, consistent and reliable integration of facility information into the enterprise. With our industry knowledge of dozens of controls systems types, diverse IT infrastructure, and cloud integration we have become the organization of choice to meet these industry needs.

Who is DigiMEP For?

HVAC owners and contractors that want to transform their business by reducing or eliminating the risk of unbridled HVAC operational expenses or unfavorable capital projects.

HVAC Maintenance

DigiMEP's customizable HVAC survey with OCR technology and HVAC asset collection functionality means preventative and reactive maintenance is a breeze.

Run Diagnostics

Unit Replacements/Controls

Over 50% of new systems are neither properly setup nor performing per MFG standards. Replace your units with confidence by running real-time diagnostics before and after the switch. Real-time digital quality assurance ensures your HVAC units are functioning properly before the contractor leaves the site.

Replace System

Up to 100% of call backs have been avoided by clients who switched to DigiMEP.

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We are interested in implementing DigiMEP, but we have no idea where to start.

DigiMEP offers full service customer support to assist in creating a customized survey. We'll also help develop all of your training guides, identify KPI's, and analyze results.

I'm a service provider with many technicians, how can DigiMEP help me?

DigiMEP will allow your technicians to utilize diagnostics while on site to quickly identify repairs. Asset tracking provides technicians with a clear checklist of data to collect, and OCR technology ensures accurate equipment identification. All data collected through DigiMEP is reportable near real time and can be analyzed for your client before the tech leaves the site.

What kind of support does DigiMEP provide to the technicians actually using the software in the field?

DigiMEP guides the technician through each step and input while on site. However, through the onboarding process, our Program Management Team will assist in developing the all encompassing training guides you will need for a successful launch.

What is HVAC Optimization?

Based on the collected analytics, DigiMEP can assist in developing short term and long term plans for your assets based on system efficiencies, energy consumption, and service costs.

Optimize HVAC Installation, Service, and Maintenance

Get the most out of your HVAC assets and operating costs by standardizing technician methods and maintenance of your HVAC units.

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